Thursday, August 19, 2010

March 3, 1914

Alpha, Mich
March 3, 1914

Dear Cecil-

I recevied your letter today and surely was glad to get it. Say Cecil it was all right that you couldent fined a card so that you could write [page torn] latter because I [page torn] get a letter britter any old time. Wouldint you?

When I got back here Monday morning never-thing was O.K. and never-body very nice. They ask me what was the matter. And I told that I mis the train. The Boss told me that I wouldent louse any time Monday or Saturday either. So I tought that was pretty good. It was about [page torn] when I got out here [page torn]. I had 4 miles to walk after I got off the train. I can till you dear I felt pretty lonesome Monday afternoon. And a little bit sleepie just a little tho but I had a good sleep Sunday night. I didint get out of bed not on till 7 oclock.

Well Dearie I feel very sorry. When I saw on your letter that you were so tried from washing and run up and down them steps. Them steps are bad for carring water up and down. I know that.

Dear I suppose the fue of line that is out the Roger for me from your Mother is in answer to the card that I send her. Or maybe she is give me a balling out. What do you think about it.

We started to get ready to move today. But it will take 2 or 3 days to move now I suppose. Canent tell within a day or to. But the sooner we get out of here the better. Their is a big kid in the other room balling with the tooth ake you would think he was going to die. A fellow canent hear or see.

I was over to see Tim More[?] last night and spent a couple of my lonesome hours. Dear I dont think I will be able to come in on till Saturday because I dont know just what day we will get trough. If I should come befor you will see me or what if left of me and their an't much left to me these days. But I am going to try hard to get in Thursday night if I can dearie. If I can't I will be in Saturday night.

Well I will close darling with all my love and all kind of kisses to you Dear. I remain as B/4 your Sweet-heart, Al. Hope to see you in a fue of days.

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