Wednesday, August 4, 2010

March 11, 1913

North Lake
March 11, 1913

Dear Cecil

In answer to your most kind and welcome letter what I recevied last Wesday. All so delight to get. And two here that you were still alive and kicking. I was meaning two answer before. But their was all way something that I had two do frist But the frist thing I should of done, Dear I should of answer your letter I suppose.

Cecil I got that box of candy all right. And it certenly was fine. It did go good I enjoy it very much. Candy go good out here in the woods like this. It kind of sweeten a fellow up a little bit. And I dident half two eat it with a spoon either I just finesh the last of it saturday. Thank you Cecil for the candy. I will half two thank Caroline [Cecilia's sister] when I see her I half two thank the both of you because you said that you both had your hands in it.

I took a work up two the Lake last night two see my brother Bill. He was telling me that he was over home. And that Saih [Josiah, Albert's brother] was home two. And that he went back again Sunday night. I didn't think that he was coming up not on till next Saturday. I don't suppose he will be this Saturday now.

I will have to come two a close with best withes to you. I remain your friend Al.

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