Thursday, August 19, 2010

March 2, 1914

Iron River, Mich.
March 2, 1914
(Envelope sealed with red sealing wax)

My Dear Al -

I thought I would send you a card as I promosed you I would but when I got to it I did not have any cards so I thought I wouldent dissipoint you so I am sending you a letter instead.

Well how did the people use you out there If they handled you rough let me know and I will take a trip out there and see them. I saw the train going out this morning. I suppose you was on it.

It is ten to four now and I can tell you I am first about all in. I did not sleep very much last night as I just got nicely to sleep when Caroline called me she wanted a drink. And I just got nicely settled again when Sy called me to get a hot drink for her she was sick most of the night. After I got up the second time I couldent go to sleep any more. I was up at a quarter to five. I saw the new train go out.

I was so tired I thought I wouldent wash today. But Caroline said for me to wash today as she wanted me to sew tomorrow so I had to obey the Boss. I washed all the carpets just got through empting the water so I am tired of running up and down the steps. I am going to try and do all the ironing after supper and I must write to Ma and Emma Stickel so I cant tell you when I get to bed. I mays well make a good days work while I at it and then and I wont have that to do tomorrow.

I got a letter from Ma. I went up to the post office about one oclock. She said she sent a few lines to you out to the Roger . So if you come in that way Thursday call at the office. I suppose it will still be there.

Well Dear I don't know of any more to write about as a person dont hear about much news in a day. But it seem longer then a day scence I have seen you. I am beginning to count the days untill I see you again.

Well my darling I hope they give you something to eat this week so you wont be starved out. If you havent much work to do write me a letter I would be overjoyed to hear from you. Well I will have to close now Dearie and go to the post office with this so I will be back in time to get supper.

Will close with all my love and kisses to you dear I remain for ever your Sweetheart Cecil.

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