Monday, September 27, 2010

Unknown Date, 1914

Ontonagon Mich
of White Pine
19, 1914

Rockland Mich

My Dear Sweetheart.

How are you I did get up hear and started to work to day I put my first day in. But it surely is lonesome If I am going to feel so lonsesome all the time like I feel now it will be no use for me to try to stay up hear.

Dear it is so good to come up to see the bunch of boys all right but Dear when I think I got stay hear. I can tell you darling that is what take the heart out of me but the rest of the bunch wanted me to stay bad enough so. But sweetheart I suppose we have to make the best of it I will stay for a while now I am up here and then I will try to get work closeher if I can and I am pretty sure that I can but I was luckie to get a job. It was pretty good that I would start out to work so soon.

Well Dear I will start to tell you about the [shuck?] now their was no room for me to sleep in the mining camp so I am staying with Jim and [Rolof?] and Sately. That just sleeping and take my meals at the mine camp. We have got a kind of nice little camp to sleep in. It is a little small for so many of us to sleep in but we got to make the best of it to. The place is a little different than when I was up here be for. Their are a fue log house up here that wan'entn hear when I was hear befor. Sately is going to start to build a house just a small one that will take up some of our time. I suppose we will have to help him out a little.

Darling excuse poor writing I don't know if you will be able to make it out or not if you do it will take you a long time that will be as good as a long letter when it take long time to read it. Oh. Oh. Oh. An't that right Dear.

Sweetheart their are no move picture show up this way to go to or anything to go to. It is sleep eat and work.

Sweetheart I will close now all my love for you darling and kisses. I remain for ever your Sweetheart Al.

I will write again in a fue of days. Write often won't you Dear. I surely feel lonesome. I don't know how you feel but I am lonesome. When you write darling tell all the new won't you. Good night darling.

It don't take so long to say good night when we are so far away. But I do wish that I could be close dear were I could come and see you often. Do you?

I'm going to close my letter again Darling this is as good as to letter when a fellow close it twice in that night Dear. Well good by my sweetheart remember me darling to all rest. When you write tell all the new.

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