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Cecilia As a Child

Here is a rare photo of Cecilia as a child. I'm guessing she's 10 to 12 years old? On the back, she wrote "When I was a kid taken on a windy day-ruffels all blowing up." If my dating is correct, this is around 1906 or so.

Unknown Date, 1914

Ontonagon Mich
of White Pine
19, 1914

Rockland Mich

My Dear Sweetheart.

How are you I did get up hear and started to work to day I put my first day in. But it surely is lonesome If I am going to feel so lonsesome all the time like I feel now it will be no use for me to try to stay up hear.

Dear it is so good to come up to see the bunch of boys all right but Dear when I think I got stay hear. I can tell you darling that is what take the heart out of me but the rest of the bunch wanted me to stay bad enough so. But sweetheart I suppose we have to make the best of it I will stay for a while now I am up here and then I will try to get work closeher if I can and I am pretty sure that I can but I was luckie to get a job. It was pretty good that I would start out to work so soon.

Well Dear I will start to tell you about the [shuck?] now their was no room for me to sleep in the mining camp so I am staying with Jim and [Rolof?] and Sately. That just sleeping and take my meals at the mine camp. We have got a kind of nice little camp to sleep in. It is a little small for so many of us to sleep in but we got to make the best of it to. The place is a little different than when I was up here be for. Their are a fue log house up here that wan'entn hear when I was hear befor. Sately is going to start to build a house just a small one that will take up some of our time. I suppose we will have to help him out a little.

Darling excuse poor writing I don't know if you will be able to make it out or not if you do it will take you a long time that will be as good as a long letter when it take long time to read it. Oh. Oh. Oh. An't that right Dear.

Sweetheart their are no move picture show up this way to go to or anything to go to. It is sleep eat and work.

Sweetheart I will close now all my love for you darling and kisses. I remain for ever your Sweetheart Al.

I will write again in a fue of days. Write often won't you Dear. I surely feel lonesome. I don't know how you feel but I am lonesome. When you write darling tell all the new won't you. Good night darling.

It don't take so long to say good night when we are so far away. But I do wish that I could be close dear were I could come and see you often. Do you?

I'm going to close my letter again Darling this is as good as to letter when a fellow close it twice in that night Dear. Well good by my sweetheart remember me darling to all rest. When you write tell all the new.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

March 3, 1914

Alpha, Mich
March 3, 1914

Dear Cecil-

I recevied your letter today and surely was glad to get it. Say Cecil it was all right that you couldent fined a card so that you could write [page torn] latter because I [page torn] get a letter britter any old time. Wouldint you?

When I got back here Monday morning never-thing was O.K. and never-body very nice. They ask me what was the matter. And I told that I mis the train. The Boss told me that I wouldent louse any time Monday or Saturday either. So I tought that was pretty good. It was about [page torn] when I got out here [page torn]. I had 4 miles to walk after I got off the train. I can till you dear I felt pretty lonesome Monday afternoon. And a little bit sleepie just a little tho but I had a good sleep Sunday night. I didint get out of bed not on till 7 oclock.

Well Dearie I feel very sorry. When I saw on your letter that you were so tried from washing and run up and down them steps. Them steps are bad for carring water up and down. I know that.

Dear I suppose the fue of line that is out the Roger for me from your Mother is in answer to the card that I send her. Or maybe she is give me a balling out. What do you think about it.

We started to get ready to move today. But it will take 2 or 3 days to move now I suppose. Canent tell within a day or to. But the sooner we get out of here the better. Their is a big kid in the other room balling with the tooth ake you would think he was going to die. A fellow canent hear or see.

I was over to see Tim More[?] last night and spent a couple of my lonesome hours. Dear I dont think I will be able to come in on till Saturday because I dont know just what day we will get trough. If I should come befor you will see me or what if left of me and their an't much left to me these days. But I am going to try hard to get in Thursday night if I can dearie. If I can't I will be in Saturday night.

Well I will close darling with all my love and all kind of kisses to you Dear. I remain as B/4 your Sweet-heart, Al. Hope to see you in a fue of days.

Iron County Michigan

Another portion of this love story takes place in Iron County, Michigan.

By today's standards, it's a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from Ontonagon County, as it's about a 45-50 minute drive in the car. But back in the early 20th century, it was considered a big deal to take the train to a location that far away.

Iron River, Crystal Falls, and Stambaugh are all locations in Iron County. If Cecilia was from Ontongaon County, why are so many letters sent to her in Iron County? The best guess is because her sister and brother-in-law were living there, and she likely went to visit them from time-to-time, whether for social reasons or to help them out.

Fun fact: Caroline (Cecilia's sister) and Josiah/Sy (Albert's brother) were married! What that means is that two sisters from the same family married two brothers from the same family!

March 2, 1914

Iron River, Mich.
March 2, 1914
(Envelope sealed with red sealing wax)

My Dear Al -

I thought I would send you a card as I promosed you I would but when I got to it I did not have any cards so I thought I wouldent dissipoint you so I am sending you a letter instead.

Well how did the people use you out there If they handled you rough let me know and I will take a trip out there and see them. I saw the train going out this morning. I suppose you was on it.

It is ten to four now and I can tell you I am first about all in. I did not sleep very much last night as I just got nicely to sleep when Caroline called me she wanted a drink. And I just got nicely settled again when Sy called me to get a hot drink for her she was sick most of the night. After I got up the second time I couldent go to sleep any more. I was up at a quarter to five. I saw the new train go out.

I was so tired I thought I wouldent wash today. But Caroline said for me to wash today as she wanted me to sew tomorrow so I had to obey the Boss. I washed all the carpets just got through empting the water so I am tired of running up and down the steps. I am going to try and do all the ironing after supper and I must write to Ma and Emma Stickel so I cant tell you when I get to bed. I mays well make a good days work while I at it and then and I wont have that to do tomorrow.

I got a letter from Ma. I went up to the post office about one oclock. She said she sent a few lines to you out to the Roger . So if you come in that way Thursday call at the office. I suppose it will still be there.

Well Dear I don't know of any more to write about as a person dont hear about much news in a day. But it seem longer then a day scence I have seen you. I am beginning to count the days untill I see you again.

Well my darling I hope they give you something to eat this week so you wont be starved out. If you havent much work to do write me a letter I would be overjoyed to hear from you. Well I will have to close now Dearie and go to the post office with this so I will be back in time to get supper.

Will close with all my love and kisses to you dear I remain for ever your Sweetheart Cecil.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

February 25, 1914

Alpha, Mich.
Feb. 25, 1914

Iron River, Mich
Miss Cecil Armstrong

Dear Cecil.

Just a few of line. Hope that they will reach you in the best of health.

Well Cecil I got here all right and waiting for the time to come to get back all right. Might get through out here this week. We won't be any longer tham next week anyway. I won't be a bit sorry when we are through either. Their is a quite a bit of driffrent in this place now than when I was out here a year ago. It is a pretty good size town here now.

Cecil to night is the night that I feel lonesome more so than any other night. Because I was all way used to comeing in to see you. But I will have to write instead. I'm going to try to come in Saturday afternoon if I can. If I do I will have to walk about 3 miles to catch the train. But the walk won't be anything. Their is train come in here twice a day. But it just go...far as Crystall Fall. I think to morrow night I will go over to see [Jim More? Tim Mare?].

I like my work good. But I don't care much about the boarding house.

Well Cecil I half to come to a close because I want to mail this tonight and I will half to hurry be for the post office close. I should of starded befor. But I was over to the mine.

It is very near my bed time now Cecil. So going up and see if I can find the post office now. I am very near scared to go out I might get lost. I got to quite write now because the lead is wore out of pencil.

So good night Cecil XXX. Good night dearie XXXX. I remain as B/4 your sweet hard Al.

How is Caroline and Saih?

Cecil excuse poor writing because the lead in my pencil is no good and their a'nt a knife around the place to sharp it.

The Rest of 1913?

I suspect there are many more letters between Albert and Cecilia from 1913.

My Mom isn't done cleaning out my Grandmother's house, so who knows? We may find more!