Wednesday, August 4, 2010

February 25, 1914

Alpha, Mich.
Feb. 25, 1914

Iron River, Mich
Miss Cecil Armstrong

Dear Cecil.

Just a few of line. Hope that they will reach you in the best of health.

Well Cecil I got here all right and waiting for the time to come to get back all right. Might get through out here this week. We won't be any longer tham next week anyway. I won't be a bit sorry when we are through either. Their is a quite a bit of driffrent in this place now than when I was out here a year ago. It is a pretty good size town here now.

Cecil to night is the night that I feel lonesome more so than any other night. Because I was all way used to comeing in to see you. But I will have to write instead. I'm going to try to come in Saturday afternoon if I can. If I do I will have to walk about 3 miles to catch the train. But the walk won't be anything. Their is train come in here twice a day. But it just go...far as Crystall Fall. I think to morrow night I will go over to see [Jim More? Tim Mare?].

I like my work good. But I don't care much about the boarding house.

Well Cecil I half to come to a close because I want to mail this tonight and I will half to hurry be for the post office close. I should of starded befor. But I was over to the mine.

It is very near my bed time now Cecil. So going up and see if I can find the post office now. I am very near scared to go out I might get lost. I got to quite write now because the lead is wore out of pencil.

So good night Cecil XXX. Good night dearie XXXX. I remain as B/4 your sweet hard Al.

How is Caroline and Saih?

Cecil excuse poor writing because the lead in my pencil is no good and their a'nt a knife around the place to sharp it.

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